Whitstable Brewery
“The Official Brewery
of the world-famous
Whitstable Oyster Company."
 Our Award Winning Beers

History Of The Brewery
In 2003, the Whitstable Oyster Company stepped in to save a Kentish microbrewery's site when it folded. They hired Rafik Abidi, a Heriot-Watt trained brewer with years of experience of the British brewing industry and he got straight to brewing great beer! 

Almost ten years and a huge increase in production later and Whitstable Brewery's range has gone from one to twelve beers and five to hundreds of outlets. Needless to say Raf finally has someone else to drive the van and do the cleaning for him!

How We Brew

Our brewing style focuses not only on producing first-rate examples of popular styles, like our East India Pale Ale and Native Bitter, but also on supporting varieties which are often unfairly overlooked, such as our Renaissance Ruby Mild and Oyster Stout. Our single-hop range of ales is designed to make drinkers more intimately aware of the ingredients which make their beer and the diversity of flavours and aromas that hops can provide. Once someone has tasted the intense fruity burst of Citra or the glorious spice of the East Kent Golding, no amount of Pinot Blanc will tempt them back!

We are not afraid to experiment with the unusual; we’ve brewed everything from a Wheat Beer made with hundreds of kilos of raspberries to a Black Lager, a cask beer combining the best aspects of a crisp Czech Pilsner and a rich, roasted Stout.
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