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Kentish Reserve

The most potent of the award-winning Whitstable Brewery’s ales, this is an expertly-crafted Strong Bitter the colour of burnished copper. The finest Crystal malt and a Goldings-led hop blend bring into being flavours of peaches and plums, ending on a note of rich ruby port.

Try pairing this full-flavoured ale with mature Cheddar, roast pork or a rich beef stew.

East India Pale Ale

Our East India Pale Ale’s vibrant yet well-balanced hop flavours leave the palate with an assertive finish. A painstakingly chosen blend of aromatic hops complements the best British pale malt to give both its citrus floral aroma and glorious golden hue. This multi award-winning India Pale Ale is the perfect choice for all weathers!

Whitstable Pilsner
A Czech-style Pilsner brewed using the authentic Saaz hop with a crisp and fresh citrusy flavour.  This refreshing beer is cold-stored over a period of weeks in a traditional process called lagering to allow a richer flavour and fuller body to develop.
Whitstable Brewery allows as much time as necessary and will never use any preservatives or additives to make sure that our beer is always lagered naturally and brewed with distinction.

Our take on this classic style is great on its own, or when paired with lighter fare such as chicken and salmon or as a delicious counterpoint to spicy food.

Oyster Stout
A classic Stout with deep chocolate and mocha flavours; this rich, velvety and wonderfully drinkable beer is the perfect accompaniment to roast beef, oysters and game. This beer’s long and glorious heritage dates back to the 18th Century when a glass of Stout and a plate of Whitstable Oysters became the pairing of choice for millions of thirsty Britons!

Wheat Beer

Our naturally cloudy Bavarian-inspired Wheat Beer has the style’s characteristic hints of banana and cloves chased by a refreshing citric lemon finish. Pour two thirds of a bottle into a tall glass, then gently swirl the bottle before pouring the rest. This releases the natural yeast into your glass, restoring an integral part of this hand-crafted beer’s flavour.

Try accompanying it with delicate foods like seafood or a simple goats’ cheese. You may never have considered this, but a glass of Wheat Beer is also brilliant with a portion of fish and chips!

Raspberry Wheat
A deep red and naturally cloudy wheat beer where every sip is crisp and thirst-quenching. It’s bursting with refreshing raspberry flavours since over two hundred kilogrammes of raspberries go into making every batch!

Try pairing it with fruit and chocolate-based puddings as well as soft cheeses.

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