Whitstable Brewery
“The Official Brewery
of the world-famous
Whitstable Oyster Company."
 Our Award Winning Beers

Rafik Abidi – Head Brewer

As Head Brewer, Raf is responsible for designing the beers, quality control, the finances and keeping the brewery’s equipment working. Raf describes this role as “having a million voices talking at me inside my head.”
When this happens the other brewery staff are always immediately on hand to administer a soothing cup of tea and hide all the sharp objects.

Rob Jenner – Deputy Brewer

Rob’s two passions in life are brewing great beer and seeing Manchester United win. Luckily these days he has unlimited chances to do the former, if not the latter. Although he claims never to have competed in his life, Rob’s vigorous driving style suggests that he has more than a passing familiarity with rallying or the Dukes of Hazzard.

Dan Kneller – Assistant Brewer

A man formed by the meanest of streets (suburban Maidstone), Dan’s never happier than when he’s thrashing his motorbike round the lanes of Kent on an eternal quest to prove that it’s not only the good that die young.

Tim Abbott – Head of Sales

The very model of the jocular Englishman, Tim’s goal in life is to get Whitstable Brewery’s beer into as many glasses as possible, as quickly as possible, preferably his own. To avoid puncturing his bubble of good natured enthusiasm, DON’T ask him about:

  • Fill-to-top Pint Glasses
  • Target hops
  • Smoothflow    
  • The 2007 Rugby World Cup Final

He has views.

Andy Harper – Drayman and Salesman

As an ex-submariner, Andy is most disappointed that his new job doesn't involve being locked in a confined space with men. However, when we explained he would be locked in a confined space with near-infinite supplies of beer he perked up!

Matt Kneller – Brewery Assistant

Preferring always to be known as Martin Brundle, Matt helps out with all the little jobs around the brewery from bottling the beer to cleaning the floor. This is to pay for his career in Musical Theatre, which he assures us will be taking off any minute. In the meantime Martin entertains the other staff with a rousing selection of showtunes, at least until they lock him in the Copper.

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