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 Single Hop Ale Tasting Notes

Since time immemorial wine drinkers have been able to use the grape varieties in their wine to predict and identify flavours and textures. We think it’s high time that this was extended to the Great British Beer Drinker, so we’ve brewed a whole range of different ales to show them off. 
All of our Single Hop Ales start out with a subtle and balanced 4.4% Golden Ale, designed to allow the hop to do its thing free of distraction. Then we add masses of a single hop chosen from the finest in the world to the copper, then even more to the beer afterwards and allow to infuse for two whole weeks. When we’re sure it’s absolutely absorbed every molecule of flavour we ship it out to pubs across the county and country.
There are more and more exciting hops being introduced, so this range will be bold and vibrant for many years to come. All that remains is for you to find a pint and enjoy!

Brewer’s Gold Single Hop Ale (4.4%)
This hop variety was bred in Kent by Professor Salmon at the renowned Wye College in 1919 but is now grown in Germany. 

Brewer’s Gold takes this golden ale and infuses it with an enticing blend of spices, citrus notes and a subtle hint of blackcurrant.


Galaxy Single Hop (4.4%)
A single-hop beer brewed with specially-selected Australian Galaxy hops. This golden ale is clean on the palate with prominent citrus and passion fruit flavours.


Mount Hood Single Hop (4.4%)
A beer made exclusively from Mount Hood hops, which originate in Washington State, USA. The ale is clean on the palate and features strong floral and peach notes.


Chinook Single Hop (4.4%)
From the Pacific Northwest of America, this hop’s flavour has been described as “A pine forest washed with exotic spice and infused with grapefruit.” This ale is golden in colour and supremely refreshing: the perfect Summer pint.

Citra Single Hop (4.4%)
The Citra hop is big, bold and beautiful and so is this beer! A 4.4% Golden Ale with a vivid and delicious citrus kick, aromas and flavours of peaches and tropical fruit break out on a second taste. This beer will transport you from the depths of Winter to a brilliant Summer’s day on a tidal wave of refreshment!

Centennial Single Hop (4.4%) 
The Centennial hop is one of brewing’s big beasts! It’s a Pacific Coast monster which gives lip-tingling flavours of grapefruit, citrus and a floral top note. When added to a golden ale base, those flavours and its bitterness create a supremely refreshing pint.

Challenger Single Hop (4.4%)

This English hop is another creation of the great Wye College, released to an adoring public in 1972. It gives the beer a lovely fruitiness, led by citrus and marmalade flavours  but also with hints of cedar and green tea. Double-hopping with an English variety gives this beer a composed depth of flavour sometimes absent in its brasher American cousins.


Amarillo Single Hop (4.4%) 

Amarillo is an American variety, with the kind of big, bright taste you’d expect. What you might not expect is a lovely spice and floral aroma and orange flavour. Although you can also taste grapefruit and lemon, this orang
e comes though the beer strongly enough that some say it’s like “biting into a tangerine!” All in all, it makes for a 4.4% Golden Ale that’s fit to burst with flavour!

Hüll Melon Single Hop (4.4%) 

This single-hop ale is made with a newly-developed German variety, being used for the very first time by a Kentish brewer. Expect to smell a heady mix of fruit aromas then taste a delicate and refined cocktail of strawberry and honeydew melon.  A tasty and refreshing 4.4% Golden Ale perfect for May and beyond!

Hallertau Blanc Single Hop (4.4%)

This German hop gives a floral aroma and a passion fruit, pineapple and grapefruit fruitiness makes an appearance on the palate. Released just this year, Whitstable Brewery have been the first in Kent to offer this great hop to the public in a flavourful and well balanced 4.4% Golden Ale that’s both extremely drinkable and effortlessly refreshing. 

Kazbek Single Hop (4.4%)
A cross between Czech Saaz hops and wild hops from the Caucasus Mountains, this hybrid variety is bold and exciting. It gives really punchy lemon and spice flavours with hints of grapefruit to this 4.4% Golden Ale. Perfect for those days in September that don’t know Summer’s ended!


Waimea Single Hop (4.4%)

Waimea (why-may-ah) is grown all the way down in New Zealand, a country building a great reputation for interesting and exciting hops. This Golden Ale has vivid tangerine, citrus and pine needle flavours and aromas and is as laid-back and easy drinking as it is delicious.

Comet Single Hop (4.4%)

This English/Wild American hybrid hop was originally released in 1961 but fell out of favour because the world wasn’t ready for its powerful flavours and heady aroma. Back from the dead, we’ve double-hopped Comet into this ale to unleash its potent mix of citrus, spice and wild hop ruggedness. 

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